A Brief Overview

The terms Resistant, Retardant, Treated and Inherent are often used when describing FR Workwear or FR Fabrics, and there is often confusion around the meaning of these words.

It appears from some quick web searches that the term ‘Resistant’ is more recently being used to convey ‘Inherent’ FR fabrics, and the word ‘Retardant’ is being used for fabrics that have FR properties that are achieved by applying chemical Treatments to the fabrics (for example, the brand names of treatments such as Proban).

In our view, ‘Retardant’ does convey the idea of the application of a flame retarding chemical to a fabric. But having done this, the fabric is in fact ‘Resistant’ to Flame Spread (or burning). However, to summarise, at HAZTEC we work with the following combinations of words where possible.

Retardant and Treated

Use of a chemical finish to a fabric to create a fabric that we then refer to as Flame Retardant by use of a Treatment.

There are no Flame Retardant, Treated garments in the HAZTEC range however. For products with these properties, refer to ORKA Technical Workwear, another Hazchem Safety Ltd brand.

Resistant and Inherent

Use of fibres and yarns that are inherently FR that we then refer to as Flame Resistant by use of Inherent fibres.

All HAZTEC FR Workwear garments feature Flame Resistant, Inherent fabrics.