FR Zippers with Nylon 6.6

Where possible, all HAZTEC garments feature plastic components to remove the risk of any metal part creating a spark hazard.

Ensuring that a plastic part offers the same performance as a metal component is important to HAZTEC as poor-quality components can substantially reduce the lifespan of a garment.

Our No-Spark Plastic Zippers are produced by a company that manufacturers zippers for European Military organizations and are therefore tested to exceptionally high standards.

Depending on the type of Workwear garment, we offer either a standard zipper or an FR version which features a 6.6 Polyamide that has exceptional strength.

We are pleased to say that product returns as the result of zipper failure are extremely negligible and a plastic zipper should not be viewed as inferior but as a garment component that offers benefits for the safety and protection of the wearer.