Flame Resistant Workwear does need to be washing with care and with the correct processes in order for the integrity of the garment to be maintained and the FR properties to be protected.

HAZTEC & Laundry Services

HAZTEC Flame Resistant (FR) garments are produced using Inherent fabrics where the FR properties do not diminish with washing. For Treated FR Fabrics (using fabrics with FR Treatments from providers including Proban), a sister brand to HAZTEC is ORKA Technical Workwear.

Inherent fabrics in the HAZTEC range are generally Modacrylic based. Protal is one of the leading fibres we use and is a brand of Modacrylic. The recommended washing temperature on the garments is usually stated on the care label as 60 degrees for Woven fabrics and 40 degrees for Knitted fabrics and with a light tumble dry.

Product Design Sketches
Product Design Sketches

Wash Processes

Whilst some of the fabrics themselves have often been tested to 75 degrees and Industrial Wash processes, there are other limiting factors on a garment (e.g. Reflective Tape) that might determine the washing temperature.

The drying cycle is also predominantly the single number 1 issue that causes damage to FR Workwear and any procedures, in particular Tunnel Drying should be thoroughly tested before being offered to your client.

Premium Branded Components

All components in HAZTEC FR Workwear is from reputable and branded manufacturers including YKK, ITW and Coats.

Each of the components has updated test data for the CE and Performance Testing that it has been subjected. We recommend that you discuss this detail with a HAZTEC representative who will be happy to help and clarify your questions.

Product Design Sketches