Workwear Tailored to your Exact Measurements

It’s important that your Flame Resistant Workwear fits well in order to be adequately protected as ill-fitting garments may compromise the high level of protection which these garments are designed to provide.

By managing our patterns and production, HAZTEC® are able to offer Bespoke Sizing (also referred to as Special Measures), for the products in our range.

Examples of Bespoke Sizing done includes Shorter Legs, Longer Arms and Larger Waist sizes.

HAZTEC Workwear Quality Control
HAZTEC FR AS ARC Workwear_Kilmar on Table

The Process

Where possible, we suggest you start with a size from the HAZTEC® range. This gives us a better indication of the measurements we need to change.

It’s also useful for you to complete the download form below and fill in the measurements for the garment you intend to order. You can then send the completed form to our customer services desk at sales@hazchemsafety.com

Download the Interactive Order Form

HAZTEC Special Measures Guide