Attention to detail

Each Care Label on a HAZTEC garment features extensive details about the garment and information that is relevant to the user. The diagram below illustrates the information we display including Wash Care, Fabric Composition, the reference of our Third Party Auditor (where applicable), Sizing and other important information.


Care Label Durability

The Care Labels are produced using a durable material that has been tested and certificated to meet the requirements stipulated within the relevant CE Norms for Flame Resistant and ARC Protective Garments.

UKCA Marking

And with the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, all garments within the HAZTEC range will be updated to include the UKCA mark. This will be completed by January 2022 although there has been a further extension (as of August 2021) to allow this to be complete by January 2023.