EN ISO 11612 Heat & Flame Protective Clothing

EN ISO 11612

Clothing to protect against Heat & Flame

This EN Norm specifies PPE clothing for use when working where this is a risk that the garments will come into contact with heat and flame. It is divided into different categories where code letters (A, B, C, D and E) indicate which heat and flame requirements the garment needs to fulfil. These code letters represent hazards including radiant heat, convective heat and splatters of molten metal or aluminium. Code A1 and/or A2 is mandatory, and a minimum of 1 other letter is required in order to CE mark the garment. The code letters are classified at different levels where the highest number is the highest tested level.

The design of the garments is also a critical factor in garments certified to these EN Norms.

General advise regarding 2 Part Garments (e.g. Trouser/Jackets)

If single items are worn i.e. a flame-resistant polo-shirt, then another the item must also be worn (e.g. Flame Resistant trouser) also meeting the standard must be worn. Nonconforming garments worn over any flame-resistant garments would eliminate the effectiveness of the garment.

In order to ensure adequate protection, an overlap of 20cm from the hem of the upper garment to the waistband of the trouser must be maintained when worn. If a 20cm overlap is not maintained when worn with waistband trousers, then the garments must only be worn after an appropriate risk assessment has been conducted. Under no circumstances should garment combinations be worn where a situation where no overlap (a gap) occurs in use.

US Standard NFPA 2112

The US standard for Heat and Flame protection is NFPA2112. The main difference in this standard is the char length test and that some tests are performed after 100 washes versus the typical 50 washes in the EN Norms. EN ISO 11612 is, however, an international standard and is approved by the United States.