Bespoke FR ARC Workwear

Stay noticed with Corporate FR Workwear

FR Workwear has traditionally been available in standard ‘off-the-shelf’ colours – particularly Navy Blue. And maybe with more adventurous suppliers other popular colours would include Royal Blue, Bottle Green and Black.

As a European Manufacturer of Flame Resistant, ARC Flash and Antistatic Workwear, HAZTEC have the ability to be extremely flexible in terms of minimum order quantities, lead times and bespoke designs.

Using our Core Models, HAZTEC can create popular products in particularly Trousers, Polo Shirts and Coveralls in your corporate colours.

The Process

It’s important when adapting any Flame Resistant and ARC protective workwear to ensure that in any design changes, we maintain the correct specification to the final certification of the products.

Our advisors will be able to help you with what can be changed easily and anything that may be more difficult or require longer lead times.

Colour is often an easy option to personalise your Workwear, and subject to meeting our required minimum order quantities, we can provide a quotation and visuals on how this may look for your company and brand.

Even Pantone Colours

And a unique service – new for the FR ARC Workwear market!

Looking for something very specific in terms of colour? This service is perfect for larger corporate organizations where colour is an important part of your brand. We can Pantone match to any shade – simply send us your colour reference and we can dye some sample swatches for approval before any bulk production.

This service is particularly focused on our Knitwear range of products such as Polo Shirts and Sweatshirts.

Speak to our sales team regarding minimum order quantities for fabrics and garments.