HAZTEC® Seam Guarantee

Seam for Life

Together with accurate manufacturing, electronic pattern design and cad cutting of the fabrics, the specific seam techniques used in HAZTEC workwear create the final touches for more robust and hard wearing garments. Designed in the UK with the wearer in mind, these manufacturing details are carefully considered in order to create products that are cost effective which can be worn with complete confidence.

Seam for Life is our name for the guarantee of performance on the main Constructional Seams within the HAZTEC Workwear.

Traditional Overlocked Seam

This traditional seam usually consists of an Overlocked edge to each of the fabric edges, a fold (as shown in the diagram), then finished with a single or double row of Top Stitching to complete the seam.

Whilst used for many years, and found in Workwear this seam can be prone to failure in areas of a garment more prone to stress such as the crotch or the rear rise.

PROBLEM: Increased Cost-In-Use

Premature failure of seams leads to increased Cost-in-Use, particular for FR ARC Workwear when the garments are usually of a premium price.

HAZTEC Garment Seams

HAZTEC garment seams are not only a more modern and stylish seaming technique with their characteristic 3-Needle line of threads, but they are also much stronger than traditional seams and more resistant to wear and tear – a characteristic that is essential for Workwear.

Using a specialist machine, the two fabrics which are to be joined are folded, interlocked together and stitched with the 3-Needle stitching in one process. This creates an extremely strong seam design that can withstand a greater amount of tension or force as industrial workwear is subjected to during your working day.

SOLUTION: Reduced Cost-In-Use

Stronger seams greatly increase the lifetime of your FR ARC Workwear.