HAZTEC® Smart Workwear

Turn your Technical Workwear into a Wearable Alert System

Designed specifically for ATEX environments such as Rail, Offshore, Storage, Construction and Civil Engineering Industries. Dangerous working conditions call for smart solutions to the long list of potential Health and Safety Hazards.

Integrate your ATEX unity, monitor noise, vibration, wearer posture, track accurate location and receive audible and visible alerts in relation to dangerous gas detection or vehicle proximity, into a single removable attachment.

The benefit of one attachment recording multiple data forms can aid in more prompt and appropriate Health and Safety decisions, increasing the safety of the wearer.

Flashing LED alerts and audible signals transform FR AS Hi-Vis Technical Garments into an advanced Health and Safety solution for a host of potential hazards, specifically in ATEX environments.

How can Smart Workwear benefit you?

  • Improved wearer visibility

  • Tailorable to your existing operations

  • Increases wearer safety

  • Drives safer behaviour

  • Increased worker efficiency and productivity

  • Enables more accurate and rapid Health and Safety decisions

Access Safety Data all in One Place

Tailor the data your Smart Workwear collects to maximise and optimize workflow and productivity, in relation to your business/industry. This Technology can be used by various departments within your business to identify safety, staffing or changing project demands, via location, movement, behavioural and demographic data.

Health and Safety departments can readily access health and safety information such as incidents and risks identified, whilst Human Resources can keep track more efficiently of staff on-site and identify gaps in workflow due to staff shortages. The scope of potential uses are broad and we are here to help you make the most of this pioneering technology.

Safety Data Collection:

  • ATEX

  • Gas Detection

  • Noise Dosimetry

  • Vibration

  • GPS/GRS Location

  • Wearer Posture

  • Vehicle Proximity

HAZTEC Smart Workwear Eleksen Platform-01

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