HAZTEC® Kilmar Trouser and Kelvin Jacket are the result of several years of customer feedback in the Fuel Distribution Industry and continue to evolve.

1. Outstanding FR Performance

The fabric in the HAZTEC® Kilmar, Kelvin and other products in this family of garments feature genuine Protal® Modacrylic fibres which are produced by Kaneka Corporation of Japan.

Protal® fibres are renowned for offering outstanding performance and a fully transparent supply chain from fibre to finished garment. Each HAZTEC® garment is then tested and certified to EN and UKCA standards.

It’s important that if the garment is exposed to a flame source that the fabric does not burn after the flame source is removed. We’ve included 2 video clips here that demonstrate the laboratory test on a piece of fabric where the fabric extinguishers after the burner is removed and a clip that shows the no after-burn an ARC flash exposure of over 2800 degrees C.

Demonstrating the Instant Extinguishing Results of our FR Fabrics

One way to ensure your team is protected with the ultimate in FR Workwear is to ensure that the fabric’s performance is as it should be according to the EN ISo 11612 standard.

In this video clip which is done in laboratory conditions, you can see the flame source is applied to the fabric for the specified period of time according to the EN/UK standard. After the flame source is removed, there is no afterburn to the fabric – we call this Instant Extinguishing.

The fabric in the clip is the most popular HAZTEC® FR AS ARC fabric – W285 – the perfect weight for Workwear for the summer and winter months, and also features the FC finish for repellency of Chemicals and Fluids to ensure your workwear stays smarter for longer.

2. Official Hi-Visibility Certification on Kilmar

Some workwear garments that include Hi-Vis Yellow fabric not officially Hi-Vis certified – they are simply ‘Enhanced Visibility’ or ‘Two-Tone’ designs.

During conversations with HAZTEC® wearers, many were not aware of this fact despite the fact that Hi-Vis clothing is normally required when working near roads or moving vehicles.

The Kilmar Trouser offers official Hi-Visibility Certification to EN ISO 20471 Class 1 so that when worn with Kelvin, the popular jacket in this sector, you as an employer do at least have some official Hi-Visibility protection.

3. FC Fluorocarbon Finish for additional Protection

HAZTEC® Kelvin, Kilmar, and other garments in this family of products feature an FC finish applied to the fabric to repel chemicals, oils, and other fluids.

This treatment works and is assessed by its ability to repel and limit absorbency from fluids that could otherwise soak through to the wearer’s skin. It also allows us to certify these garments to an additional EN standard EN 13034 for Splash Protection (from Q4 2022). HAZTEC® has taken this an additional stage further and tested the fabric against splashes of Diesel.

FC finishes also keep your Workwear in tip-top condition by resisting staining from day-to-day fluids. Watch the clip to see the FC finish in action.


Other video clips showing HATZEC FR fabrics and garments undergoing testing to ensure total protection for your workers.

EN ISO 11612 Flame Resistance Test

Watch here as the flame from the burner is applied to the fabric during the test and no after-burn continues when the burner is turned off. This is your assurance of FR Workwear that protects your Team.

ARC Flash Garment Test

In either the Flash Fire test (which is predominantly an American requirement) or the ARC Test, a flame or burst of intense heat is applied to the garment then removed. Watch the clip to see how there is no after-burn on the fabric.